In the Beginning

It is a period of peace and quiet in the galaxy. Two compatriots meet to converse about their universe.

One of them, The Illustrator, talks excitedly about a project that he is working on. It is about the adventures of a boy and his faithful dog, Captain OD, as they go about their space exploration. The Illustrator pulls out some of the initial sketches he has completed.

The other guy-The Geek- is used to The Illustrator’s projects and is prepared to enthuse appropriately at his sketches. But this time, he is truly bowled over by the drawings and the underlying story. As he poured over the work, he suddenly had a lightbulb moment.

“How about we take these sketches and stories and translate them into a watch collection?”

Was it mentioned that the two are passionate about watches? No? Well, there you have it.

And so it began…