OD-1 Series

Science fiction is the story telling genre of our millennium, it presents a challenge in itself to create adventures that are part fantasy and inventiveness. While representing the fictional ingenuity of our era, science fiction has a history of providing inspiration to real world creations. Jules Verne’s work has inspired the actualization of modern day revels such as the modern submarine, and the world’s first helicopter.


Jules Verne has a saying “Anything that one man can imagine, another man can make real.”


The OD-1 (One) collection is inspired by a retro-futuristic depiction of space travel vessels. A custom fabricated cross bar is integrated with a guilloche-finished dial base, an aesthetic drawn from Stanley’s Kubrick’s Space Station V. Time is read from 2 tinted numeric plates, animated with a satellite inspired second hand.


Each watch comes with a custom fabricated gold-plated rotor, visible through the exhibition caseback; and an engraved quote from Jules Vern, the father of science fiction. Detailing continues onto several elements of the timepiece - An 8-porthole octagonal bezel, raised brushed dial frame, and handcrafted leather straps with padded topsides reminiscent of space travel suits.


Traversing in the realm of space travel science fiction, a comic character, Captain OD, was created for the packaging theme. The commissioned artwork illustrates several design features of the OD-1 (One) watch.